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Long before I started watching SGA, I read [community profile] metafandom. (This is going somewhere, I promise.) And reading [community profile] metafandom, it didn't exactly escape my notice that, uh, SGA fandom likes to discuss things -- a lot. And now I've reached the point in my fannish experience that I'd like to know about some of those discussions.

(And jesus christ, I feel like I'm four again and working up the awkward courage to ask my mum what sex is all about. This amount of hesitancy is unnecessary and embarrassing, really, my god.)

So. Issues in SGA. Namely, um, the sexism and colonialization bits. I've read some meta on it (particularly this one, which jump-started these questions from the back-burner of my mind to front and centre) and I don't get it. I'd really, really liked to get it. Because my knee-jerk reaction right now is to flatly dismiss and disagree (I like my show; I like the characters; I'm disgustingly content and high on new fannish joy; etc.) but I know I don't have all the pieces yet and therefore blanket dismissal is unfair. I want those missing pieces.

My urge for dismissal stems from the fact that I don't know why SGA would strike anyone as a show that would be socially aware enough to make anti-coloniazation statements or a show that would capably handle strong female characters that have more than a supporting role. The military isn't exactly billed as the world's best bet for cultural respect and more screen-time, development, and backstory alloted to the female characters risks screentime, development, and backstory alloted to John and Rodney, for whom much of SGA fandom seems to have massively epic flailing love. It feels to me like asking the show to do something it was never designed to do, and more, it feels hypocritical, like the show can't win with fans either way.

I mean, for the most part, I'm fairly pleased with SGA. The characters seem to have good, steady development; the international expedition looks, for much of the time, like an international expedition; there's more continuity than I'm used to seeing from other shows I've given my fannish devotion to; etc. There's a lot of things SGA does well in my book. I'm a little unnerved to think I might be in the minority amongst its fans who think so.

Is this just a matter of differing viewpoints and opinions or am I missing something? Is there other meta out there that outlines the arguments clearly and with examples that I should read? I need a little SGA Meta 101, here.

Any other good meta recs would be welcomed as well. I totally want to get my thinky-fu on, and I have a hard time finding things to read that kickstart that.


In other news, for Mother's Day, I bought my mum a popover pan and Alton Brown's cookbook in the devilish hopes that now she will make me popovers on a regular basis. Gifts: awesome for passive-aggressive wheedling. :)

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