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Dreamwidth's been live for a little over a month, so I figured I owed a post explaining how I'm going to use that in re: primary journal vs. secondary journal, and livejournal.

I made a sticky post about it, which should sum up my thoughts. Livejournal is going to be my primary journal: where I hang; where I keep up with you guys; where I post most of my entries. I haven't crossposted to dreamwidth all that much and I think that mode is going to continue. Some things will be crossposted; some won't. If I'm reading you on livejournal, I'm not going to add you to my dreamwidth reading list. In the future, I might begin to use dreamwidth more, but while it's in beta, I'm going to stick to what I know.

So there's that.

I did however code my layout onto dreamwidth, which therefore makes me awesome. I used this tutorial to do it. It was remarkably helpful.

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Quick query about dreamwidth: does anyone have a link to a tutorial/explanatory post regarding layout conversion from lj to dw? I read the wiki notes on portability and availability and I know the options will expand in a few weeks as more people work with the codes, but I'm trying to figure out what new sorts of CSS and site navigation I will need to learn in order to pretty up my dreamwidth. Anyone have tips and/or links? Got it! ♥

I've been debating for, oh, the past few months really, about getting a website. Most of the fics I've been writing (I have been writing! I swear!) will massively exceed the character limit on entries (See: writing! Really long things!) and I'm one of those people who likes to read a whole story in one go, no unnecessary part-hopping required. I'd also like a more structured archive for my fic as tags can be a bit unwieldy to navigate.

So. For those of you who have websites:

Do they work well for you? Is there a particular sitehost I should check out? If I wanted to archive fic and non-streaming video files (for future downloading purposes), what sort of bandwidth am I looking at here? Any Do's/Don't's For Beginners you want to recommend?

My two main concerns are price and ease of design. I'm not completely clueless when it comes to code but I'm, uh, you know, fandom-taught on those things; I know enough to get by. I don't really want to need to learn, like, Perl in order to have someplace to keep fics. I don't need to learn Perl, right, guys?

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04.30.09 - Grand Return?
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So you know how sometimes life gets so busy and you keep meaning to post about it but then you get distracted and a new thing happens and a new thing happens and a new thing happens, and suddenly you have no idea where to start anymore so you just never post? Yeah, that's not really what happened here. I just, um, have had nothing of interest to say for a long time.

But -- but! I have things to say now. Such as: omg fandom, I've missed you! And: I have made some changes for my lj! And: John Sheppard, you a such an asshole for making me fall in love with you!

So, so, hey guys. How are you? What's new? I'll tell you what's new with me.

Thing One: SGA and I have fallen in love and I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT that I can't even, oh man, I love it. I've watched through season four right now. I'm holding off on season five so I can get all my thoughts down first and hopefully get in on some mutual squee. Some of you guys will want to mutually squee with me, right?

Thing Two: I polished up my lj for this big ol' grand return thing I'm doing. I'm going to try to split my lj between fannish things and real life things a little more, and a new look should follow along with that. Check it, yo: [personal profile] earlwyn.

Thing Three: I'm earlwyn over on dreamwidth, now. Come say hi. I'm super excited about the idea of dreamwidth and having a site that supports both diversity and interconnectivity. I don't plan to leave lj in the near future, nor do I plan to let this journal become a secondary journal right now. I will be using both as co-primary journals and crossposting, but that may eventually change depending on (a) what new changes livejournal makes down the road, and (b) where most of fandom hangs. But shiny! Shiny, shiny dreamwidth.

Thing Four: To follow along with this whole sheep behaviour thing, I got, um, a twitter account. Why you would want to have a direct channel into my stream of conscious, I have no idea, but: here I am!
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