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Signed up for Team Peace on [community profile] mcshep_match. Sign ups still currently open here. (And peeking at the sign up lists, several of you seem to be my new competitors. Hi, other team! *waggles fingers*) I'm just jumping head-first into this whole fandom partcipation thing lately. Whew.

I've also started to do the thing where I want to write everything but what I'm suppose to be writing. But this time it's totally worth it, I swear; it makes up for my lack of attention span, oh yes. As I pitched it to [profile] shutterbug_12:

earlwyn: i have 1000 words of an sga au that is not my big bang
earlwyn: nor the thing about rodney being a genie
earlwyn: which i will totally write, btw
shutterbug_12: that was my next question
earlwyn: it's john and rodney in STATESVILLE
shutterbug_12: I don't know this Statesville place.
earlwyn: joliet state prison?
shutterbug_12: Not ringing any bells.
earlwyn: like, the scariest maximum security prison in the us?
shutterbug_12: Nope, but I believe you.
earlwyn: whatev. john and rodney meet in prison. it's going to be awesome.

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die | ~900 words )

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