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Signed up for Team Peace on [community profile] mcshep_match. Sign ups still currently open here. (And peeking at the sign up lists, several of you seem to be my new competitors. Hi, other team! *waggles fingers*) I'm just jumping head-first into this whole fandom partcipation thing lately. Whew.

I've also started to do the thing where I want to write everything but what I'm suppose to be writing. But this time it's totally worth it, I swear; it makes up for my lack of attention span, oh yes. As I pitched it to [profile] shutterbug_12:

earlwyn: i have 1000 words of an sga au that is not my big bang
earlwyn: nor the thing about rodney being a genie
earlwyn: which i will totally write, btw
shutterbug_12: that was my next question
earlwyn: it's john and rodney in STATESVILLE
shutterbug_12: I don't know this Statesville place.
earlwyn: joliet state prison?
shutterbug_12: Not ringing any bells.
earlwyn: like, the scariest maximum security prison in the us?
shutterbug_12: Nope, but I believe you.
earlwyn: whatev. john and rodney meet in prison. it's going to be awesome.

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die | ~900 words )

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05.10.09 - SGA Meta Recs?
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Long before I started watching SGA, I read [community profile] metafandom. (This is going somewhere, I promise.) And reading [community profile] metafandom, it didn't exactly escape my notice that, uh, SGA fandom likes to discuss things -- a lot. And now I've reached the point in my fannish experience that I'd like to know about some of those discussions.

(And jesus christ, I feel like I'm four again and working up the awkward courage to ask my mum what sex is all about. This amount of hesitancy is unnecessary and embarrassing, really, my god.)

So. Issues in SGA. Namely, um, the sexism and colonialization bits. I've read some meta on it (particularly this one, which jump-started these questions from the back-burner of my mind to front and centre) and I don't get it. I'd really, really liked to get it. Because my knee-jerk reaction right now is to flatly dismiss and disagree (I like my show; I like the characters; I'm disgustingly content and high on new fannish joy; etc.) but I know I don't have all the pieces yet and therefore blanket dismissal is unfair. I want those missing pieces.

My urge for dismissal stems from the fact that I don't know why SGA would strike anyone as a show that would be socially aware enough to make anti-coloniazation statements or a show that would capably handle strong female characters that have more than a supporting role. The military isn't exactly billed as the world's best bet for cultural respect and more screen-time, development, and backstory alloted to the female characters risks screentime, development, and backstory alloted to John and Rodney, for whom much of SGA fandom seems to have massively epic flailing love. It feels to me like asking the show to do something it was never designed to do, and more, it feels hypocritical, like the show can't win with fans either way.

I mean, for the most part, I'm fairly pleased with SGA. The characters seem to have good, steady development; the international expedition looks, for much of the time, like an international expedition; there's more continuity than I'm used to seeing from other shows I've given my fannish devotion to; etc. There's a lot of things SGA does well in my book. I'm a little unnerved to think I might be in the minority amongst its fans who think so.

Is this just a matter of differing viewpoints and opinions or am I missing something? Is there other meta out there that outlines the arguments clearly and with examples that I should read? I need a little SGA Meta 101, here.

Any other good meta recs would be welcomed as well. I totally want to get my thinky-fu on, and I have a hard time finding things to read that kickstart that.


In other news, for Mother's Day, I bought my mum a popover pan and Alton Brown's cookbook in the devilish hopes that now she will make me popovers on a regular basis. Gifts: awesome for passive-aggressive wheedling. :)

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So I have the sinking feeling that I should really make my way over to my local friendly DVD shop and get myself a copy of A Dog's Breakfast to watch. It seems like you can't call yourself a David Hewlett fan without watching his movie. (Or it could be that I just reached that conclusion while reading this fic. Oh, Patrick. ♥) Is this true?

It also seems like while I'm at said local DVD shop (which is Best Buy -- I honestly don't know why I'm trying to pretend otherwise) I should nab me a copy of SG-1. I need something to do while I keep dragging my feet on watching season five of SGA.

Because this is what I do with things I love that I know end: I just stop watching in hopes that if I do it will never technically end for me. One of those tree-falls-in-the-woods things. Plus, season four was just, like, brain-meltingly awesome, and basically should be subtitled The Tragic Lovesong of John Sheppard and His Epic Love for Rodney McKay. (I realize the "I can't" is known far and wide through fandom but it's brand new to me and I think I watched that scene about seven times on repeat before finally watching the rest of the episode and may in fact have rolled around on the living room floor a little bit while frightening Sam with my high-pitched squeals. Just sayin'.) Season five is going to need to work pretty damn hard to top that. And I don't want it to be over. Is The Shrine really worth that? Is Vegas? I just don't know.

Besides, Jack O'Neill and I need to do some bonding. (The Minnesotan accent gets all thick when he's being sarcastic and it makes me chortle into my strudel hotdish with Midwestern-bred glee. Minnesotans! On televsion! The world is a crazy place.)

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My god, it's warm today. The temperature outside is, like, 40F (5C to you bizarre metric people). That's almost summer, man. I went out in just my cardigan, no jacket or anything. It's weird. This is January February (when the hell did it get to be February?) and the snow is melting. Global warming, man, I'm telling you.

While I was out, I might have, um, kind of bought the first season of SGA. I'm weak-willed and impulsive! Don't judge me. I watched the first three episodes and then decided there was no way I could limit myself to a sampling of episodes; I can't be in it for just the fic anymore.

I think I have a new fandom, guys. I am weak.

The conversation I had over the phone with a friend of mine in evidence of this:

Me: Help me, I'm a freak!
Him: Why? Oh god, did you start watching episodes of Battlestar Gallactica or whatever?
Me: It's SGA, okay, and yes, sort of, I did. I broke down. I couldn't help it.
Him: Oh my god, you are a freak.
Me: I know, I know! I'm sorry. It's just so much fun, man, I can't even -- and Rodney, dude, Rodney, he's hilarious, and Joe Flanigan's hair is epic, okay, and --
Him: Your whole plan is to move to England and go to this prestigious drama conservatory and you're going to walk in the door and be the biggest geek in the world with your TNG obsession.
Me: It's SGA! And I know, I know. I'm going to walk in the first day, with all these hot actors around me, wearing some Stargate Atlantis shirt and socially ostracize myself for the next three years. I'm going to walk in there and be all, "Train me to an acteur so I can work on obscure American-Canadian sci fi shows." Though, actually, I would totally do sci fi. I think it would be fun. I could scream and cower in fear while a props guy waves a foam ball on a stick over my head. "Now when the pterodactyl swoops down, I want you to shriek like you're being eaten!" Wouldn't you do that? I would do that. I think that would be fun.
Him: See, this is why you can't read fic about TOS or what --
Me: SGA. Gah. Stop it. You bastard. You keep doing that on purpose to annoy me. You don't even know what TOS refers to.
Him: Star Trek: The Original Series.
Me: How the hell do you know that?
Him: ...Some people make... references on things I read.
Me: What things?
Him: Just... stories. Sometimes.
Me: Oh my god, are you in fandom?
Him: [telling silence]
Me: Oh my god, you are in fandom! You collasal dork.*
Him: I just lurk, okay? I like the stories.
Me: Fic. And you call me a freak.
Him: Hey, you're the one still watching that BSG episode. I can hear it through the phone!
Me: S.G.A. And you called during the climax. Rodney's about to nobly attempt an act of bravery. It's adorable! I can't pause it.
Him: Whatever. Call me back later then after SG-1 has ended.
Me: Gnahhhhhh. IT'S SGA!

*Ours is a friendship built upon lies and mockery. Obviously, I think fandom is awesome.

I think it might be time to start considering icons.
weak-willed and impulsive!
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I really, really like reading SGA fic, guys. Like, really, really like it. It hits, like, every single one of my fannish kinks, with the bantering and the battles and the sometimes time travel. It even gets its own tag now. Obviously, this is starting to get serious.

I do not have enough icon space for this, you guys. There is not enough room for a new fandom, especially one that's on its last legs.

I haven't watched any of the episodes, and I'm sort of nervous to do it actually, because I did that with SG-1, where I read these epic AU fics for, like, a week straight, and then I decided that I wanted to see where the genius originated so I watched the first three episodes of the first series. And then it killed any enjoyment I could find from fic because I couldn't get over the fact that Daniel wasn't actually a girl or that Jack wasn't actually in love with Daniel. It made me sad.

But I do want some sort of knowledge of canon. Do you know what it's like to read about a Stargate and have no idea what this thing is or does or looks like? It's weird, man, okay; it's weird.

So this is my question: if you could arrange a McShep sampler platter -- five or six episodes that highlight the best of Rodney or John or just epic events in canon -- which episodes would you recommend I watch? I don't really need to be convinced of anything (because hi, I'm already on board, believe me, I'm on board) but I want a better idea of who these characters are and what this world is and why, maybe, fandom loves it so much.

The best I can do on my own is to guess that I should watch the pilot episode and something called The Shrine. Yes? No? Tell me which other episodes to watch.
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For some reason, I had a hankering (that's right: a hankering -- like a craving, but more southern) for some good longfic (long here having the value of being over 15,000 words and something of a plot) so I randomly found some Stargate: Atlantis fic to read. And now I am bawling, or I was, for two hours and a half. I sat here with my chocolate ice cream and Rodney and John and sobbed all over my keyboard. I don't even watch SGA. Basically, I have no idea who these characters are. And yet, yet -- bawling. Into my bowl of triple fudge choco-chunks. (Actually, it started life as a cone of ice cream but the aforementioned reading and crying sort of took a toll on its structural integrity so I had to transfer it to a bowl.)

The fic wasn't even that sad by fandom standards: there was no death, no torture; it was just them navigating the pit-falls of a relationship between one emotionally-guarded military guy and one socially-inept but brilliant scientist. (At least I think that's who these guys are; like I said, my fandom knowledge is only what comes through osmosis from the hivemind.) But, gah, I still get choked up thinking about it.

There is obviously something horribly wrong with me, f'list. I think it's called a period but, Jesus fuck man, did it need to be so cliche? Chocolate and crying and porn. God, I am such a girl.

(Also, apologies for not replying to comments. The past couple days have been -- yeah. See above. I will get to them when I have more of a reaction than to snuffle into my sleeve and raid the Ben&Jerry's section at the corner store.)
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