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Name:from the people who brought you stalin:
Birthdate:Feb 25

hey, hi, yeah.

this journal probably contains some of the following: tales about dogs, punctuation woes, bad 70's slang, godawful puns, awkward hemming and hawing, small plastic-y bits that children under three may swallow, fandom.

we should trade numbers if you like: radiohead, chocolate in your peanut butter, stargate: atlantis, life on mars, doctor who, pirates of the caribbean, redbull.

so, um, yeah. come hang out.

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This journal is anonymous. You might know my real name or place of residence but please do not connect anything but my first name back to this journal.

Interests (69):

1973, 19th-century nationalists, acting, alan alda, band of brothers, buicks, burn notice, buster keaton, character development, daniel craig, daniel day lewis, darjeeling, doctor who, e. e. cummings, eddie izzard, edward gorey, fdr, gene hunt, granada-produced telly programmes, h.d. thoreau, harry potter book series, i-am-not-paul-avery, imperial russia, iron man, jack davenport, james bond, jeeves and wooster, jeremy brett, john simm, johnny depp, kiss kiss bang bang, labour history, life, life on mars, m*a*s*h, marxism, mcshep, menthol cigarettes, not being politically correct, people-eating pigs, piracy in the caribbean, polish theatre, radiohead, red bull, remus j. lupin, richard siken, robert downey jr., russian spies, sherlock holmes, spaced, stargate atlantis, stephen fry, swingtown, sylvia plath, tattoos, tea, the & symbol, the dark knight, the mighty boosh, the white eagle, theatre, thom yorke's lyrics, tony stark, tyre swings, vote saxon!, wojciech boguslawski, world war ii, writing, za-naszą-i-waszą-wolność

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