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Quick query about dreamwidth: does anyone have a link to a tutorial/explanatory post regarding layout conversion from lj to dw? I read the wiki notes on portability and availability and I know the options will expand in a few weeks as more people work with the codes, but I'm trying to figure out what new sorts of CSS and site navigation I will need to learn in order to pretty up my dreamwidth. Anyone have tips and/or links? Got it! ♥

I've been debating for, oh, the past few months really, about getting a website. Most of the fics I've been writing (I have been writing! I swear!) will massively exceed the character limit on entries (See: writing! Really long things!) and I'm one of those people who likes to read a whole story in one go, no unnecessary part-hopping required. I'd also like a more structured archive for my fic as tags can be a bit unwieldy to navigate.

So. For those of you who have websites:

Do they work well for you? Is there a particular sitehost I should check out? If I wanted to archive fic and non-streaming video files (for future downloading purposes), what sort of bandwidth am I looking at here? Any Do's/Don't's For Beginners you want to recommend?

My two main concerns are price and ease of design. I'm not completely clueless when it comes to code but I'm, uh, you know, fandom-taught on those things; I know enough to get by. I don't really want to need to learn, like, Perl in order to have someplace to keep fics. I don't need to learn Perl, right, guys?

comment @ lj
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04.30.09 - Grand Return?
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So you know how sometimes life gets so busy and you keep meaning to post about it but then you get distracted and a new thing happens and a new thing happens and a new thing happens, and suddenly you have no idea where to start anymore so you just never post? Yeah, that's not really what happened here. I just, um, have had nothing of interest to say for a long time.

But -- but! I have things to say now. Such as: omg fandom, I've missed you! And: I have made some changes for my lj! And: John Sheppard, you a such an asshole for making me fall in love with you!

So, so, hey guys. How are you? What's new? I'll tell you what's new with me.

Thing One: SGA and I have fallen in love and I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT that I can't even, oh man, I love it. I've watched through season four right now. I'm holding off on season five so I can get all my thoughts down first and hopefully get in on some mutual squee. Some of you guys will want to mutually squee with me, right?

Thing Two: I polished up my lj for this big ol' grand return thing I'm doing. I'm going to try to split my lj between fannish things and real life things a little more, and a new look should follow along with that. Check it, yo: [personal profile] earlwyn.

Thing Three: I'm earlwyn over on dreamwidth, now. Come say hi. I'm super excited about the idea of dreamwidth and having a site that supports both diversity and interconnectivity. I don't plan to leave lj in the near future, nor do I plan to let this journal become a secondary journal right now. I will be using both as co-primary journals and crossposting, but that may eventually change depending on (a) what new changes livejournal makes down the road, and (b) where most of fandom hangs. But shiny! Shiny, shiny dreamwidth.

Thing Four: To follow along with this whole sheep behaviour thing, I got, um, a twitter account. Why you would want to have a direct channel into my stream of conscious, I have no idea, but: here I am!
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So a sadder state than being too pissy and sick and anti-social to want to leave the house is being too pissy and sick and anti-social to want to exist in the internet with all the other people who exist in the internet. Or, in other words:

Hi. I'm not dead. I feel like someone is trying to drive a metal rod into my stomach but my spine rudely keeps getting in the way.

About a week ago, I thought I threw out my back. Not quite that unusual as I throw out (or twist or sprain or break) a lot of body parts inadventently, so I figured all it meant was lying around for a few days with my feet up and eating prescription pain killers. But then, a few days later, my head started to pound and I started to feel all shivery and weak and achey and generally like I had the flu or that God was trying to punish me for my sins a few years ahead of schedule. And my back still hurt. So I hung around and watched a lot of SGA (of which I have Thoughts -- Very Important Thoughts -- and I will tell you them later) and chainsmoked and then I fainted and went to the hospital.

Apparently ingesting no more than Red Bull and nicotine for ten days straight isn't listed on the Good Health's Guide To Effective Nursing. They told me I was anemic and vitamin deficient (even though Red Bull has both vitamin B12 and B6!) and dehydrated like crazy, which caused most of the flu-like symptoms. Also, I have a kidney infection, which explains the rest.

While I was trapped in the exam room for a million hours on end (question -- which is worse: hospital waiting rooms or the DMV? Because I swear I have wasted fewer hours staring blankly at the ceiling at the DMV than I have in hospitals -- though I've also been in hospitals more, so), a nurse came to talk to me in order to find out how easy it would be to persuade me into seeking professional help for my anorexia. I tried to explain to her that there was no help needed, I'm not anorexic, but something got lost in translation between my reasoning of, "No, really, I am honestly just that lazy!" and "But my back hurt and the kitchen is way far over there!" and "Rodney and John were having trust issues! I got caught up!"

I have pamphlets now. Also a noutritionist, who wrote down confusing things like "fruit" and "whole grains" and "chicken" on a sheet of paper for me to take home. She also wrote "No more Red Bull", which is kind of like declaring war against my nation-state. She tried to appeal to my thrifty-side when at first I laughed at her by supposing that drinking three to five cans of Red Bull a day had to do a number on my wallet. It took all of my strength not to grab the edges of the table and plead, "You can't put a price on love!"

Aren't health professionals meant to have a diehard love affair with caffeine? You'd think I'd get some sympathy.

So now I have blue PowerAde in the fridge, and apples and blueberry muffins, and hot Dunn Bros. coffee anytime my mum goes out from the house. It's not Red Bull, but then, what is? I also have iron pills and vitamin supplements and antibiotics for my kidneys, which I think are helping even though it still feels like someone reached through the small of my back to give my organs deep tissue massage. I'm back to lying around the house feeling grouchy and snappy and transplanting my addiction to Red Bull onto SGA (of which I have Thoughts! Great, glorious Thoughts! John Sheppard!), the only difference is now I have an alarm clock that rings every three hours reminding me to eat something and my mother calling me from work about fifteen minutes later asking me to read the back of the box she left on the stove so I can prove to her that I'm actually in the kitchen this time.

Six months from now, I'm moving to another country to live on my own. Yeah, guys, yeah.

[livejournal.com profile] wihluta, I got your package the other day, which has been keeping me sane throughout the duration of this, so: thankyou thankyou thankyou. And [livejournal.com profile] shutterbug_12, if you say anything along the lines of "I told you so" when it comes to the Red Bull, so help me god, I will write soppy Cuddy kidfic in comments to every one of your entries. To everyone else, hi guys. Miss me?
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My god, it's warm today. The temperature outside is, like, 40F (5C to you bizarre metric people). That's almost summer, man. I went out in just my cardigan, no jacket or anything. It's weird. This is January February (when the hell did it get to be February?) and the snow is melting. Global warming, man, I'm telling you.

While I was out, I might have, um, kind of bought the first season of SGA. I'm weak-willed and impulsive! Don't judge me. I watched the first three episodes and then decided there was no way I could limit myself to a sampling of episodes; I can't be in it for just the fic anymore.

I think I have a new fandom, guys. I am weak.

The conversation I had over the phone with a friend of mine in evidence of this:

Me: Help me, I'm a freak!
Him: Why? Oh god, did you start watching episodes of Battlestar Gallactica or whatever?
Me: It's SGA, okay, and yes, sort of, I did. I broke down. I couldn't help it.
Him: Oh my god, you are a freak.
Me: I know, I know! I'm sorry. It's just so much fun, man, I can't even -- and Rodney, dude, Rodney, he's hilarious, and Joe Flanigan's hair is epic, okay, and --
Him: Your whole plan is to move to England and go to this prestigious drama conservatory and you're going to walk in the door and be the biggest geek in the world with your TNG obsession.
Me: It's SGA! And I know, I know. I'm going to walk in the first day, with all these hot actors around me, wearing some Stargate Atlantis shirt and socially ostracize myself for the next three years. I'm going to walk in there and be all, "Train me to an acteur so I can work on obscure American-Canadian sci fi shows." Though, actually, I would totally do sci fi. I think it would be fun. I could scream and cower in fear while a props guy waves a foam ball on a stick over my head. "Now when the pterodactyl swoops down, I want you to shriek like you're being eaten!" Wouldn't you do that? I would do that. I think that would be fun.
Him: See, this is why you can't read fic about TOS or what --
Me: SGA. Gah. Stop it. You bastard. You keep doing that on purpose to annoy me. You don't even know what TOS refers to.
Him: Star Trek: The Original Series.
Me: How the hell do you know that?
Him: ...Some people make... references on things I read.
Me: What things?
Him: Just... stories. Sometimes.
Me: Oh my god, are you in fandom?
Him: [telling silence]
Me: Oh my god, you are in fandom! You collasal dork.*
Him: I just lurk, okay? I like the stories.
Me: Fic. And you call me a freak.
Him: Hey, you're the one still watching that BSG episode. I can hear it through the phone!
Me: S.G.A. And you called during the climax. Rodney's about to nobly attempt an act of bravery. It's adorable! I can't pause it.
Him: Whatever. Call me back later then after SG-1 has ended.
Me: Gnahhhhhh. IT'S SGA!

*Ours is a friendship built upon lies and mockery. Obviously, I think fandom is awesome.

I think it might be time to start considering icons.
weak-willed and impulsive!
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I really, really like reading SGA fic, guys. Like, really, really like it. It hits, like, every single one of my fannish kinks, with the bantering and the battles and the sometimes time travel. It even gets its own tag now. Obviously, this is starting to get serious.

I do not have enough icon space for this, you guys. There is not enough room for a new fandom, especially one that's on its last legs.

I haven't watched any of the episodes, and I'm sort of nervous to do it actually, because I did that with SG-1, where I read these epic AU fics for, like, a week straight, and then I decided that I wanted to see where the genius originated so I watched the first three episodes of the first series. And then it killed any enjoyment I could find from fic because I couldn't get over the fact that Daniel wasn't actually a girl or that Jack wasn't actually in love with Daniel. It made me sad.

But I do want some sort of knowledge of canon. Do you know what it's like to read about a Stargate and have no idea what this thing is or does or looks like? It's weird, man, okay; it's weird.

So this is my question: if you could arrange a McShep sampler platter -- five or six episodes that highlight the best of Rodney or John or just epic events in canon -- which episodes would you recommend I watch? I don't really need to be convinced of anything (because hi, I'm already on board, believe me, I'm on board) but I want a better idea of who these characters are and what this world is and why, maybe, fandom loves it so much.

The best I can do on my own is to guess that I should watch the pilot episode and something called The Shrine. Yes? No? Tell me which other episodes to watch.
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Today, I woke up to an email from UCAS. It said:
Dear [[livejournal.com profile] earlwyn]

Congratulations; Roehampton University has asked us to tell you that it is offering you a place for Media & Culture and Drama Theatre & Performance Studies, PW3K; starting in September 2009 at point of entry 1.

The conditions of the offer are:

This offer is subject to you obtaining

Please send verification of qualifications to institution achieved in the High School Diploma and ACT test.

Guys. Guys. I have an offer. I was accepted! No matter what happens now with the other four schools, come August, I will be moving to England. You guys, I can't even. Do you know how happy this makes me? I have been flailing all morning.

The only thing they want from me is verification that I'm really as smart as I said I am. Which -- totally, completely doable. I already arranged with my high school to send a copy of my transcript.

I also heard back from Goldsmiths and Drama Centre, both of whom required more information, (a copy of my transcripts and an audition tape, respectively). I am preparing both of those at this moment but the audition tape will take a while since, um. I sort of actually need to prepare for that.

But guys, guys -- I get to do this. I seriously, actually get to do this. Study in England. That? Is AWESOME.
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For some reason, I had a hankering (that's right: a hankering -- like a craving, but more southern) for some good longfic (long here having the value of being over 15,000 words and something of a plot) so I randomly found some Stargate: Atlantis fic to read. And now I am bawling, or I was, for two hours and a half. I sat here with my chocolate ice cream and Rodney and John and sobbed all over my keyboard. I don't even watch SGA. Basically, I have no idea who these characters are. And yet, yet -- bawling. Into my bowl of triple fudge choco-chunks. (Actually, it started life as a cone of ice cream but the aforementioned reading and crying sort of took a toll on its structural integrity so I had to transfer it to a bowl.)

The fic wasn't even that sad by fandom standards: there was no death, no torture; it was just them navigating the pit-falls of a relationship between one emotionally-guarded military guy and one socially-inept but brilliant scientist. (At least I think that's who these guys are; like I said, my fandom knowledge is only what comes through osmosis from the hivemind.) But, gah, I still get choked up thinking about it.

There is obviously something horribly wrong with me, f'list. I think it's called a period but, Jesus fuck man, did it need to be so cliche? Chocolate and crying and porn. God, I am such a girl.

(Also, apologies for not replying to comments. The past couple days have been -- yeah. See above. I will get to them when I have more of a reaction than to snuffle into my sleeve and raid the Ben&Jerry's section at the corner store.)
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[livejournal.com profile] metafandom recently linked to a post by [livejournal.com profile] morgan32 on the role of a beta. It made me think of what I look for in betas, and to some extent, the ways in which that personal preference affects how I beta.

Small note:I know that betaing works differently for everyone; people want different things from a beta and have different thresh-holds for accepting criticism. Betas have different strengths and a variety of different tones when offering criticism. This post is about primarily what works for me, personally, and my own limits as a beta. I tried to keep the generalizations to a minimum but some have slipped in under the radar, and what I really mean by "people think..." is "I think, and I have observed others who seem to think similarly...". Just -- so there is a grain of salt attached to this.

In the post, [livejournal.com profile] morgan32 writes:

"If my instant reaction on reading a fic is this sucks, that's fine. I know where my back button is. But if I read it because I agreed to beta, then I need to go further than that. Because this sucks all too often means not that it's terrible, only that it's not to my taste. ... If you can't get behind a writer's vision, or you find the story utterly incomprehensible, it's okay to gently withdraw, apologise and say you're just not the right person to beta this particular work. But don't dismiss it as crap, even if it is. Even the worst of badfic has something in it worth nurturing." [Emphasis mine.]

The issues in [livejournal.com profile] morgan32's post that I disagree with most are: (a) the idea that weaknesses in writing can be excused on the matter that they simply do not suit personal taste, and (b) that the role of a beta is to nurture rather than to criticize, and through critcism and an objective view, to help a writer improve a story. I don't agree with those sentiments. In fact, that is the complete opposite of what I look for from a beta, and it's rarely my thought process when I beta for others.

The things I like from betas are the same things that I like doing as a beta. )

What about you, f'list? What do you like in a beta, and if you beta, what kind of beta do you want to be?
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I just finished The History Boys (#22 in from my goal to watch 300 new films this year; applaud my motivation) and I am appalled, f'list. Absolutely appalled. Why did none of you ever mention this film before? Apart, of course, from making the passing reference that was quite too easy for me to ignore.

You should have gone, "Look, there is this really clever, genius film -- which first was a play, incidentally, which you like -- I know what more than anything makes you willing to trust a script is decent and that's passing the stage test -- and you should try to see it." You should have gone, "It's about history and language and Boys In Uniform: your favourite subjects in school." You might have mentioned, "Stephen Campbell Moore makes for a really Hot Teacher," and then, whilst rocking on your heel and looking disinterested, seen fit to add, "There's canonical slash in it as well. Just think of the fic that awaits."

You could have done, f'list, and you didn't. Or you did, but not loud enough and constant enough that I listened. I shake my head in shame at you. Obviously, the only want to make this up to me is to rec me really fantastic History Boys fic.

In other words, awesome film, I loved it, and it is a popular choice for Yuletide, isn't it?
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[livejournal.com profile] t_eyla and I just had a picspam-off: Who Is Hotter, Daniel Craig vs. David Tennant. David won.

You're challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to suggest other contenders for battle and then fight it out. Come on, guys. I want some picspams.
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