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Tonight I saw Star Trek and man oh man, I do not know what my cousin's problem was. (He was at the New York premier and when I asked him what he thought, he went, "Meh" like some sort of blind and deaf loser.) I mean, Spock! SPOCK. *epic flail-y arms*

So confession time: Spock was my very first character crush ever. At age three, sitting on the floor in front of the tv with my dad in the background giving a running commentary on the episodes. I totally fell for the ears and the awesome logic-y know-how (though mostly the ears). Embarrassing but true!

And then Spock in the movie: he had me at the wibbleface over the school bullies and then re-cemented my crush for good with the awesome mocking of Kirk during the defense. Though the plotpoint with the whole emotional manipulation by Kirk to have Spock admit he wasn't fit to be captain was (a) totally awesomely melodramtic and (b) made me want to give Spock a giant hug. I also really liked the alternative universe explanation for rebooting the Star Trek universe. Time travel! Off-shoot universes! This is why I love sci fi.

Tomorrow I am seeing it again but with the IMAX Experience. Which will make it ten times better. Sitting front row center with the bass of explosion rattling the seat beneath me? Oh yeah. I need fic now.

Funny movie-going anecdote: we were sitting in the front row (because I like the front row, not because the theatre was packed -- though it was! On a Monday night too!) and a group of guys came to sit next to us. One guy was questioning if his friend was okay with the seat choice, and his friend replied, "Oh yeah, man, this way I can feel like I'm actually going warp speed!" My people. ♥

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